Abinash Ballabh : An idealist on his way to make changes.

My name is Abinash Ballabh, I am from Duliajan, Assam. I am currently pursuing my final year graduation. I am the founder of 2 companies and 1 NPO and has personally trained for almost 1000+ students and businesses all around Assam. I love helping my juniors in various aspects and thereby got the idea of our NPO ‘Medha Educare Foundation’. Our NPO is based on Assam and we proudly specialise in giving amazing scientifically customised services to high school students.

1 year equals 365 opportunities.”

2. We as students have rightly observed that a school fulfills the academic needs of an individual. It can only track the academic performance of a student. But without the academic performance there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of for the right upbringing of a child. There is a burning need for a parent, an institution and for the student to know his/her innate and acquired abilities and potentials. Moreover proper holistic tracking of a student in a must factor that both the institution and a parent longed for. Thereby we got the idea of initiating our idea and implementing it to the market. We started empowering all the needs of a student both physically and mentally. Our approach initiates parents and guardians to build interpersonal relations with his child thereby understanding his own likes and dislikes; taste and interests; needs and desires. We are specifically engaged in the most neglected yet most important part of the society ie. mental health.

3. I was and I am on a mission to help guide each and every child into achieving his goals and career he is best suited for thereby acting as a positive force to rely upon.

4. We are involved in enormous workshops, training sessions and collaborations with other like-minded NGO’s on sectors like self-realizations, non-academic and practical education. Moreover we conduct surveys in Schools and colleges that creates a great database as well as brand awareness among the student community.

5. Short-term : At Medha we believe to work with excellence. From our establishment till today we are actively working into changing the lifestyle and academic upbringing of students as well as youths. We are involved in enormous workshops, training sessions and collaborations with other like-minded NGO’s on sectors like self-realizations, non-academic and practical education. Moreover we are actively participating in changing the society for the better good.

During the times of pandemic, we are initiated various folds of assistance to the society starting from awareness and cleanliness drive to feeding the derelict on the street continuously for many months. We do believe in clean charity and Medha is there in every phase to prove its existence.

Long-term: Medha is on the brink of designing a unique and absolutely practical curriculum for students. This curriculum is been designed professionally in collaboration with a team of experienced psychiatrists, nutritionists and psychologists. It is an academic friendly curriculum specially for school going students within the age group of

12-18 years.

Many schools have included it into their academic curriculum as a compulsory course and are

being highly benefited with the results it has shown up. Many parents have been approaching

us to avail this curriculum for their children.

This curriculum also helps in improving a child's learning ability thereby eradicating his

academic phobias. We provide special guidance in optimising his calculating skill through Vedic

maths. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that it serves a child's overall mental

development. With our sincere and unique services, we have been able to build up a trust

bridge among the parents and schools we deal with.

If you are a parent or a school administrator, Medha is the right choice for you.

It is very well known to us that teenage is the period of mood swings, distraction, addiction and

many more complexities. As a parent or a teacher you might not always understand a child's

mental situation. Therefore, Medha has introduced some new and scientifically proven

techniques to handle such teenage issues. So, here we are to help out your children with the

various issues they go through.

Create better connection between you and your child/student.

Hold proper counselling for your children.

Help them know their inner self better.

Shift your children's focus from insignificant distractions to constructive skills.

Provide them with proper nutritional guidance to upgrade their physical and mental

status. Help them deal with various psychological issues.

We have also been helping out children in finding their ikigai (their core interest) through our

special sessions. We are guiding them accordingly to develop it. This will ultimately be a big first step to build up their bright career.

6. We have a current strength of 30 individuals along with full time and part time psychiatrists, nutritionists and psychologists.

7. I attribute my success to my beautiful team and my community for supporting and encouraging me for the steps I take.

8. We are the pioneer in the market that gives such holistic services under one roof that too totally free of cost. Moreover we cover scienfic and technological approach to sectors like IQ,EQ,SQ, subject hinderence, math amplitude, de addiction and a lot more that is currently not available under a single platform. Moreover we don't generate revenue from the students or the institution which adds a extra unique benefit.

9. I do believe that execution is valued most then a dream. And most importantly if there’s a dream, there’s a way to fulfill it anyhow .

My success mantra is as Sharukh Khan said “Agar kisi cheez ko shiddad se chaho to kaiynat Ka har heera tumse us se Milne ki sazish karta hai.” If you desire for a thing with great intensity, then every atom in this realm conspires amongst them to meet you."

Interviewed by: Pravleen Kaur

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