Akshit Singh Soni : Selling stories one book at a time. (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Akshit Singh Soni along with his partner Avinash Chauhan own BooksOnGo an online bookstore. The two best friends came up with a platform to provide books at economical prices and create a community for book lovers.

" Make your own path on which you can walk, your own identity, own rules, own principles, make your own way to that destination or to that point where you want to reach. My father has a well-settled business which I can run but I just don’t want to run on someone else's principal or someone else's made-up business; I want to do something on my own."

Tell us something about your business ?

- Akshit: “We own an online start-up named Booksongo, here we provide all kind of reading material on Instagram and it’s a 100% Indian brand. We have a huge and varied collection of reading material from which our customers can choose from.”

How did you get the concept or idea for your business ?

- "From the very beginning we both are avid readers and being best friends, together we sell something that we love."

What was your mission at the outset?

- Avinash stated “A brilliant reader always does great in life, that is how reading is important.” continuing the same Akshit added “We not only sell books on our page but we also inspire to read so that people read more and more and know what is happening around them. Be it fiction, reality, business or anything of their interest.”

How do you advertise your business?

- This department is handled by Avinash, being the marketing head of the startup, he said that, “For now I target the audience that is interested in reading and buying books; particularly interested in reading novels, and genre (like spiritual books). So, the primary tool used by me is the basic Instagram marketing tool. So, we approach many bookstagramers; they promote books, and review them.

Although, the basic structure of this business is into the research and development and as we have heard “Data is the new oil” so the credit for this goes to Akshit.”

What are your company's goals?

- Akshit: “To diversify our range in books, currently in our business we have novels as our forte now we have to bring in different catalogues; like UPSC books and other study material stuff. Avinash added “With the main genre as novel, business and spirituality books currently we are selling the brand-new books, and are planning to bring in 2nd handbooks to diversify the range.

Further explained by Akshit, “2nd handbooks are at reasonable prices and as a reader, I feel 2nd handbooks are more friendly and it gives you the warmness, the good vibes, and also helps in sharing memories. We just don’t wish to sell books but want to share memories.

If I give you a book which is read by me, for me it means I am giving you a part of mine.

Avinash: “Now talking about long-term goals, it is to take Booksongo at such a level that if I wake up at midnight ask you “where should I buy books from?” then you should answer it as Booksongo.”

How many employees do you have?

- “We are a team of 4 people. We have 2 more people working with us one is controlling our Instagram platform and the other is dealing with the development, data analysing, and packaging.”

To what do you attribute your success?

- Avinash: “We believe we are on the path of being successful; we want and are striving to attain much greater heights. To be honest, controlling something of your own is a wholesome different experience. Being brought up in a background where my whole family is into government jobs. So, by choosing a different path I received a lot of criticism from my family.

But now due to Booksongo, my father is so happy that I have come up with a start-up along with my friends and thus turning our passion into our livelihood.

For me making the heaps of money is not a success until we provide a value or make a change and the financial attribute is a by-product of it.”

Have you ever turned down a client?

- Yes, we have turned down a client when there was the situation of a bargain, obviously we are providing material at a very economical price, and after putting in our heart and soul that is not acceptable.

Interviewed by - Arushi Dang

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