Devjani Mitra : Entrepreneur, Fashion Choreographer, Public Speaker, Counselor & much more.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Devjani Mitra is the founder and managing director of I-Glam, a leading Modelling and Beauty Pageants Company from East India. She is a successful Entrepreneur, Fashion Choreographer, Public Speaker, counselor, Social Activist, and Event Planner.

“We at I-Glam, develop the skills of people focusing more on soft skills and light image, we provide a platform through which people can build their image, develop their inner strength.” I-Glam regularly organizes Beauty Pageants in the Mr, Miss, Mrs & Juniors Category in partnership with International Pageant Organizers such as the RuBaRu Group. It offers a platform for upcoming Young Budding and Groundless models and aspirants of the beauty pageant industry. " says Devjani.

"My father taught me that if you walk on the path of honesty you will have a very little crowd around."

How do you advertise your business?

- “I have never advertised my business, it’s the power of my network and my clients who have now become my brand due to their achievements. Eventually, I launched my website and the social media pages, people often approach me through Instagram and LinkedIn.”

What are your company's goals?

- “We have taken an oath that in the next 5 years we are going to develop the skills and groom at least ten lakh people.”

How many employees do you have?

- “Initially I had 3 employees, now I have 30 to 40 people working under me both in Calcutta and Bihar.”

To what do you attribute your success?

- “My daughter inspires me to be successful, she considers me her hero that encourages me to work harder and my husband supports me a lot so even he is behind my success.”

How is your business different from your competitors?

- “Nowadays people are in a rush for making money and because of that, they make a lot of mistakes. She believes there are 2 types of people one who enacts to be your well-wisher and the other are the ones who are honest with you and give you a push.

So in my path, there is no competitor as many people in this industry are not really honest and the one who is, I don’t consider them as a competitor, it’s just that we are moving towards the same direction with someone being ahead of the other.”

Have you ever turned down a client?

- “Yes I have, as people approach me because of my brand; but I say them a big no as I can’t compromise with the quality and ethics, thus maintaining honesty and integrity with my business.”

If you had one piece of advice to someone who is just starting out, what would it be?

- “When you are starting up everything will not be as you planned, being an entrepreneur I will say 1st ten years will be a struggle. Like when you are giving birth to a child you have to bear the pain of 9 months in a similar manner giving birth to your dream or company involves a lot of pain and struggle. Secondly, you must be ready to accept the rejections, many people can’t accept failure and criticism thus are discouraged and step back. Also, don’t just change because the world is asking you to change.” Lastly, she stated, “Be true to yourself”.

By - Pravleen Kaur

Interviewed by: Arushi Dang

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