Namrata : The only journey is the journey within.

Namrata is an entrepreneur who founded “So What What Next”, a nonprofit organization that deals with spreading awareness about different forms of abuse in a relationship as well as aiding those going through depression/ emotional upheavals in general.

“Money is not the goal, It is the consequence of success.”

Tell me something about yourself & your profession?

• “I started my career in the field of HR and currently I’m associated with a cloud computing company based out of Bangalore.”

What are your goals right now?

• Six months from now, I see myself successful at my workplace, as well as my startup. I hope my startup gains recognition soon.

Can you tell me about your Nonprofit Organisation?

• “I started So What What Next to create awareness about different forms of abuse in a relationship ranging from emotional, mental, financial etc apart from physical abuse. We conduct one-day interactive retreats that include Stand-up Comedy, Motivational Talk, Legal Advice, etc We also encourage one-to-one sessions (through email) for those who are reluctant to discuss their personal issues in a group.

When did you get the idea or concept for the NGO?

• “I got the idea for the NGO from my personal experience. I was in an abusive marriage. When I finally moved out, I wanted to be of help to those going through, or who have been through similar situations and support them to walk out without feeling guilty about it.”

When did you start your NGO?

• “The idea was conceptualized in 2016. However, it was implemented in 2020 during lockdown. We kickstarted the promotions when COVID struck, thus making full use of the lockdown.”

So are you the only one managing the NGO or do you have any employees?

• “I don’t have employees, But I work with my parents who also happen to be the co-founders of the startup. We do not charge anything for the retreats and conduct them absolutely free of cost.”

How do you advertise your business?

• “I advertise my business through word of mouth, social media and Whatsapp”

Do you think people’s opinions are changing about mental health?

• “Yes, people’s perception about mental health is changing. Due to increased awareness and acceptance, they are no longer hesitant to come out in the open about their mental illness.”

Do you have any success mantra?

• “I strongly believe in the Live In The Present mantra, as we don’t know what tomorrow has to offer. Hence, stop worrying about the future, for you might miss out on the lovely things the present has to offer”.

Interviewed by: Pravleen Kaur

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