Nisha Koul : Delivering hospitality to the finest.

Nisha Koul is the founder of Pixie Hospitality Services. She provides manpower and management services in Hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, schools, colleges, etc.

“It has been, and continues to be, our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.”

Tell me something about yourself and your Business.

  • My name is Nisha, I have completed my graduation in the field of Electronics Engineering in 2015. I had 3-year experience in a job.

  • In 2018, I started my own company 'Pixie Hospitality Services'; providing manpower and management services in Hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, schools, colleges, etc.

  • We have clients from all over India as well as in Dubai.

How did you get the concept or idea for your business?

  • "During my job, I came to know that a lot of candidates were providing manpower services. From there I got the idea to come up with a kind of business cum social service where we can help the ones who are in the need of a job." She added by saying that, "We don’t take any charges from the candidates."

What are your responsibilities as a business owner?

  • Providing the clients with the kind of Staff that they want, providing them with good services, and making a strong team are some of the major responsibilities.

  • We maintain a huge database of 10,000+ candidates so that our clients can have the staff as per their needs.

Are you managing the company alone or you are working in a partnership?

  • I am the only owner and the founder of the company, although I have a manager who has been an imperative part since the start of our Company.

How do you advertise?

  • We mostly use Social media like Facebook and Instagram. We receive the majority of our clients through references as well as from Facebook. We have 500+ active Whatsapp groups. Moreover, I have a quite good network which further helps me to reach out to our clients.

What are your short-term and long-term goals for your company?

  • Right now, I have 100+clients so my short-term goal is that within the next 6 months we want to increase this number to 500+ clients.

  • But my long-term goal is that in the next 5 years, I want my name to be on the list of the top 10 Businesswomen in the World.

How many employees do you have in your company?

  • I have 10 candidates who are working from different locations.

  • I have one Manager whose name is Abhishek. Other than that we have the HR Managers and the Tele-Callers.

How is your business different from your competitors?

  • We are different because other than the consultancy services we are also providing our clients with management services.

  • Suppose somebody has come up with a cafe and he does not know how to run it. We guide him on how to run it, even with a small budget.

  • Moreover, sometimes our client can't pay the charges so, recently, we have launched a scheme that the client can pay us a small amount on a monthly basis and the contract is for one year so it will be easy for every client with a small budget, be it from a cafe, a restaurant or a hotel.

  • We have received a lot of compliments and this concept is liked by many of our clients.

Interviewed by: Pravleen Kaur

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