Pooja Malhotra : Get Unstuck, get going.

Pooja Malhorta started off her journey of Life after her Post graduation in Journalism and started a career in Doordarshan. After many years of her Public Sector job, she wasn’t satisfied with the work she was doing and started exploring herself besides, having a good support from her family and work environment but there was something deep inside her that was wondering what if she did something else. So, she worked on her highest potential and moved onto makeup industry and achieved good results and heights but that still didn’t seem content full to her.

You need to accept yourself the way you are. Embrace yourself, as much as you can as it will truly help you grow as a person. ”

Then from there she got the opportunity in fashion and modelling and became a fashion model and won the title of Mrs India vogue 2018, but as we say even the World sometimes doesn’t seem enough to conquer, she was a fashion icon and was regularly offered and called for many beauty pageants as a jury member and then she decided to start taking grooming classes and started getting assignments for films, TV commercials and daily soaps on TV.

The most fascinating fact was that she didn't leave her job at Doordarshan. After accomplishing all of this, her intuition still wasn’t content with her own self so she worked on her mind, body and soul and wondered that life was completely about something else, we are out here chasing something which is somehow pulling us far from our real self.

Now she has decided that her aim is to help others to work on their own minds, bodies and souls as all these three things will lead us to move smoothly and accomplish simplest of tasks in our daily life whether in relationship, studies, jobs or business specially women and students. She’s always been inspired to do something for the world.

At first, she was convinced that she was supposed to create her own identity amongst people but then it hit her that there is a huge difference between doing something in and for the world.

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