Princy Bansal : Celebrity stylist with a humble vision.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Princy is a professional fashion stylist working with celebrities, she is pursuing her bachelors from amity university.

"First learn then just simply remove L"

Princy is a professional fashion stylist working with celebrities, she is pursuing her bachelors from amity university.

When & where did you get the idea to become a fashion stylist?

  • "Since childhood I had a passion for fashion & purchasing clothes. After graduating I wanted to either get into the hotel management field or pursue fashion designing. I eventually chose fashion designing and moved to Delhi, taking admission in Amity University. Whilst studying I aced Styling as a subject and with some personal recommendation chose to become a professional fashion Stylist."

How did you start in styling?

  • “I first started doing graphic designing because my brother and parents always taunt me to do something we spend so much in your studies and you doing nothing. So, I started doing internships with modish magazines and working with their stylist, I just realised I’m a better stylist than her. In another internship which was related to sourcing of clothes, so I got contacted with another stylist from them and got the opportunity to style Sara Gurpal for Bigg Boss and Nagma Mirajkar. Through the other stylist I got the opportunity to be an assistant stylist in a music video shoot in Chandigarh of Tony Kakkar, Avneet Kaur and Riyaz Aly but my parents opposed due to pandemic and I had convinced them to let me do it. Working on the shoot I got this feeling that this work is made for me and loved working hard for it.”

Any bad experience you have working with other stylists?

  • "I started as an assistant to one known fashion stylist. We were working on a project together and due to some complications she had to disassociate herself with the project in between, I on the other hand took full responsibility and made sure to fulfill the requirements. After the project was done, people associated with it appreciated my efforts & this is how/when I started working as a freelancer."

What are your Future Goals?

  • “Currently I want to learn and earn but in future I want people to know me as an Honest and Great Stylist.”

Any stylist you admired?

  • “I admire Sanjana Batra. She's a celebrity stylist and I really like her styling idea.”

Advice for people who are starting out in this profession?

  • “First thing is if you don’t have any passion for your work you won’t be able to do anything and second thing is that if you are not honest with the people you are working with, you will not be able to succeed in the long run“

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