Rajan Gupta : A 3rd Gen. business owner with 68 years of sweet legacy.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Madhuvan Sweets, a legacy of 68 years passed on from generation to generation still maintaining the same authenticity and integrity. Rajan Gupta is the 3rd generation businessman helping his business grow.

“I believe that to be successful and to leave an imprint in the market high-quality product and innovation are the two most important aspects."

Tell us something about your business.

  • “We own a sweet shop named, ‘Madhuvan Sweets’. It’s a family business that has been in continuation since 1953, we are the 3rd generation of this business. It has been 68 years now since we are doing this business and we have a large number of clients in Sultanpur; we are proud that we provide quality sweets to our customers. Our main focus is to provide quality at reasonable prices. People can have sweets wrapped in traditional cordiality without having a hole in their budget.”

How do you advertise your business?

  • “As we want to target both the youngsters and older generation we advertise both through social media and conventional print media. We use Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Email to connect with our customers. We also advertise via newspapers and articles.”

What are your company's goals?

  • “We are looking forward to expanding our business online. Our website is under development and we are also planning to launch a mobile application to facilitate online business. Right now, expanding our customer base via the internet is the main goal. We are also planning to have a theme-based restaurant. I am planning to expand my business and have multiple branches across the state. We are also following Haldiram’s Franchise model so that we can expand our network all over India.“

The hardest part of working in a family-owned business?

  • “Managing quality is one of the most important and the hardest part because there are many ingredients which are procured and their quality many times is not up to the mark. For example, the quality of dry fruits and milk products used has to be tested extensively as the quality of these products will affect our quality as well.“

What is your biggest achievement since you joined your family business?

  • “I have launched a special unit for the manufacturing of Boondi, which is mainly installed for the Boondi Laddu (a famous Indian sweet).

  • Other businessmen in the same industry usually procure it from the market and the one which is available over there is not of the good quality. I along with my sister, Reema Gupta have initiated a new trend in our city, i.e. of Golden Leaves.”

How is your business different from your competitors?

  • “The main difference from our competitors is that we focus a lot on product quality. People love our sweets so much that they pack our sweets while traveling. One of our sweets ‘Peda’ is very popular in Dubai too. We have introduced ‘golden leaf’ sweets and have our unit plant of ‘Boondi’ as well.”

Have you ever turned down a client?

  • “We usually never say no to our clients but sometimes customer’s demand to produce the product immediately is not feasible due to time constraints involved manufacturing it, if we don’t turn down our client then we lose our product quality which will, in turn, deteriorate our market image and goodwill.”

Do you have any success mantra?

  • “I believe that to be successful and to leave an imprint in the market high-quality product and innovation are the two most important aspects. Our success mantra is that from the start we focus on quality and maintain high-class service. When the customer gets a good quality product he’ll never forget its taste and will spread it around his social circle."

Interviewed by - Arushi Dang

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