Saudamini Singh : Becoming something

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

An entrepreneur who’s the founder of the firm ‘The Ginete’, a Greek word that means the process of becoming something. She’s a Certified Trainer by Dale Carnegie, India; a Knowledge Consultant & a Mentor in ‘i-Hub Gujarat’. She’s also awarded Start-up Enthusiast by Gujarat Technological University’s Innovation Council.

"When you train someone or are getting trained you learn to become a better person by enhancing your personality & skills.”

Tell us something about your business?

  • “We develop Leadership and Management quality amongst the youngsters by conducting Training programs in Corporates, Institutes, and Universities.”

Why did you choose this profession?

  • “I love conducting training sessions and am doing so for the past 8 years. Being a travelholic, the best part of this profession for me is traveling. I get to interact with a new audience, and thus get the opportunity to learn about different human personality traits and mindsets.”

How do you advertise your business?

  • “I’ve been doing my business with references and leads from LinkedIn and other social media platforms. I’m paneled with Universities which helps me to connect with other firms.”

What makes your firm different from your competitors?

  • “The major differentiating factor with my competitors is that I have a flexible approach to deal with my audience. I often counsel them according to their age group, behaviour, and involvement. So, my training is mostly improvised with their role-plays and activities whether online or offline.”

What are your future goals in this profession?

  • “I want improvisation to take the lead because people are stuck to the presentation. They usually ask for a pre-made presentation but it does not work like that, if you want only PPT then SlideShare would be enough. I want people to familiarise themselves with improvisation and role-plays, learning while doing and not with reading or looking at something. I hope most of the students & corporate learn this way because it's more engaging, fun, and better.”

If you had one piece of advice to someone who is just starting, what would it be?

“You need to have a plan, but it should be an open and flexible one because things change. You also need to be multi-tasking and do not restrict yourself in a particular arena.”

Interviewed by - Bhavjot Singh Bhasin

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