Shivam Goel (Anant Shiv) : An avid musician running a successful audio & video production business.

Shivam is a musician and music producer. He goes by the stage name Anant Shiv and is the founder of a well known music studio: Studio Shankh Naad Music. He defines himself to be a 'living in the moment kinda person. He’s a big fan of Sonu Nigam and Papon & draws inspiration from them.

'Look at all the people around you whether they’re rich or poor and you realize that every single person is struggling with something and to them, it’s just as hard as what you’re going through.

Don’t Blindly follow the crowd, Stop, think and make your own way.

Says Shivam, when we asked him what his opinion was regarding the present industry scenario.

"Don’t run towards fame or money, it’ll run behind you when you’re diligent.

Shivam had a dream of becoming a musician since childhood but his family members didn’t support his dream. He was pressured by his family to work in the family business but Shivam didn’t give up on his dream and took some time out of the business to work on his music career. When he started getting recognition and was stable in his music career, he quit his family business.

Can you tell us something about your career as a musician and a recording artist ?

- “At first I started out as a singer only but it was getting pretty flat so I also started producing music videos.” Shivam produces music in any genre asked by his clients. Shivam also said that in music production he first tries to understand his client or artist he’s working with and coordinates with the musician and handles the sound engineering.

Views about music industry current scenario?

- Shivam is not in the favour of type music being produced nowadays in Bollywood. He thinks that the music industry is plagued by unnecessary remixes and 'big dawgs' who don’t have any knowledge about music. Songs are getting copied without the artists permission and they all sound the same. Underground music is the only thing keeping real music alive. Shivam thinks that people should start appreciating different genres of music too, not only Hip Hop and Pop.

Big Music Producers are also forced to make music that is then popularized by aggressive advertisement which he is not in favor of.

If not music, then what would you be doing?

- “If I’m not pursuing my dream then I would be working on my family’s textile business or would be trying to pursue something else because I don’t like to stay doing only one same thing.”

By - Bhavjot Singh Bhasin

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